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Flavored Black Tea Selection

Our flavored black teas are all imported from Sri Lanka. The island of Sri Lanka, just south of India, with its high elevation and tropical climate, grows some of the best teas in the world. The island has had many names including Serendip (this is where we get the word Serendipity) and Ceylon. After their independence from Britain, they changed their name to Sri Lanka, but they kept the name Ceylon for their teas in order to continue to take advantage of the fine reputation the country has for growing superb quality tea.

A Fine Romance - A mild tea with a delicate hint of vanilla.

Abundant Harvest - A pleasing medley of peach and strawberry with a touch of ginger.

Amber’s Dream - Chocolate covered coconut blended by our friend and former employee, Miss Amber Hinck!

American Queen - An apple blossom beauty.

Apple Crunch - Like “crunching” into a fresh, crisp apple.

Apple Spice - A fragrant and flavorful blend of apple and cinnamon spice.

Birthday Blend - A fruitful melody combining pineapple and strawberry with creamy, vanilla notes.

Black-Raspberry Vanilla - A delectable blend of blackberry, raspberry, and vanilla.

Black Currant - Very British indeed! Tart and flavorful.

Blueberry - A fresh and fragrant flavor.

Blueberries and Cream - Like fresh blueberries smothered in cream. Created by our friend and former employee, Miss Andrea Houder.

Blue-Raspberry - A lively blend of blueberries and raspberries.

Candy Cane - Like the winter treat it’s named after.

Caramel - A smooth and comforting tea.

Caramel Apple - Like a fresh apple swirled in warm caramel.

Cherry Almond - A tart cherry flavor with a slight reminder of almonds.

Chocolate - Rich and indulgent.

Chocolate Mint - Two very distinct flavors both fragrant and refreshing.

Chocolate Covered Cherries - Chocolate and cherry with just a whisper of almond. This tea is a serendipity of former employee, Phyllis Murdock.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Like biting into a fresh, homegrown strawberry smothered in delicious chocolate. Decadence without the guilt!

Cinnamon - A soothing and mild flavor.

Courtney’s Attic - A French lavender cream custard blended by a former neighbor and employee.

Cranberry - This unique New England fruit is accurately captured in this wonderful tea.

Crème Brule - The caramelized sugar shell and gooey custard combined in the warmth of tea!

Earl Grey - The Earl of Grey received this recipe from a Mandarin acquaintance. The flavor comes from the oil of bergamot, an Italian citrus fruit.

English Rose Garden - Take time to smell the roses. And to sip this tea!

Forget-Me-Not - An unforgettable blend of hazelnuts, black currants, and vanilla.

Ginger-Peach - Very elegant, fresh peaches with a sprinkle of ginger.

Glad Tidings - A cheerful blend of cinnamon, oranges, and cranberries.

Grandma’s China - Honey and lemon in your tea always makes you feel better. Just ask Grandma!

Hazelnut Vanilla - Warm and comforting like toasted hazelnuts.

Holiday Spice - A holiday favorite combing cranberry, apple, and cinnamon spices.

Honey - Nature’s nectar! So sweet, even the bees crave it!

Irish Cream - The pride of the Emerald Isle, creamy and sweet.

Island Coconut - Distinctly fragrant and flavorful.

Italian Amaretto - The liqueur of love! Very elegant with hints of cherry and almond.

Lady Grey - Traditional Earl Grey combined with creamy vanilla.

Lemon - One of Queen Victoria’s daughters married into the Russian Royal family. After visiting her daughter, Queen Victoria brought the tradition of flavoring ones tea with lemon back to England with her. The tart acidic flavor of lemon complements the astringency of black tea perfectly.

Lemon Spice - Citrus tartness and warm spices.

Mango - An aromatic, tropical goodie!

Maple - A sweat treat to wake up to.

Mint - Cool, refreshing, and oh, so fragrant.

Miss Dogwood’s Garden - Vanilla tea with a whisper of rose petals.

Miss Sippy Mud Cake - An indulgent swirl of chocolate, vanilla, and white chocolate.

Misty Memories - The comfort of a happy dream, a black currant filled cream tart.

Mystic Dawn - Raspberries smothered in cream. Blended by our former baker-extraordinaire, Wanda.

Orange - A citrus delight!

Orange Chocolate Truffle - A wintertime favorite!

Orange Spice - An excellent combination on cool, crisp evenings.

Peaches and Cream - Fresh peaches smothered in vanilla cream.

Peach Apricot - Our most popular tea! The subtle combination seems to please every palate.

Peach Berry Cobbler - Inspired by an episode of Martha Stewart in which she tossed in a few raspberries while making peach cobbler. Delicious!

Pineapple - Do you love pineapple upside-down cake as much as we do? Then you will love this tea!

Pina Colada - A pineapple and coconut cream tropical dream!

Plum-Pear - A sweet and pungent blend sure to please the sweet tooth.

Pomegranate - Tart but sweet and delicious.

Queen of Hearts - A decadent raspberry truffle.

Raspberry - Very fresh and tart.

Rhapsody - Tart raspberries sprinkled with coconut. A blend created by former employee, Miss Breanna Merriott.

Rhubarb Cream - Tart rhubarb with creamy vanilla hints.

Snowberry Bliss - A Christmas-time treasure. Strawberry, vanilla, and white chocolate chips!

Southern Belle - Playful and sweet. A unique peaches and cream flavor.

Strawberries and Cream - A swirl of fresh strawberries and vanilla cream.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie - A tart but sweet dessert.

Strawberry Shortcake - A sweet treat that all the kids love!

Sugar Plum - Blended in honor of the Nutcracker Ballet.

Tropical Breeze - Warm and inviting. A blend of mango, pineapple, and coconut.

Tupelo Honey - A true honey flavor with just a hint of strawberry.

Vanilla - Simple and pleasing.

Vanilla Spice - Creamy vanilla with a sprinkle of cinnamon spice.

Warm Apple Pie - An all-American treat.

Warmest Welcome - Like a tropical hug with pineapple and vanilla.

Wedding Wishes - Two shall become one in this clever combo of Peace and Serenity and Lovers’ Leap.

Wednesday’s Journey - A soothing blend of blueberry and maple.

Wild Blackberry - Like freshly picked wild blackberries.

Wild Blackberry-Sage - Blackberries with a dusting of delicate sage.

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